Irish students flocking for construction courses

There has been a big increase in the amount of Irish leaving certificate students taking up university courses following the release of the points system.

In Ireland the entry requirements for each course depends on the demand for places, which means that an increase in points needed to enter the course means that more people have applied than previously.

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And confidence in construction-related careers seems to be on the rise as reflected in points increases across the board.

Planning, geography and the environment at University College Dublin has increased by 30 points, as it has in architecture in Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT).

Project and construction management is up by 15 in NUI Galway, and quantity surveying and construction economics is up by 20 points in DIT.

The news will be well-received by the industry, with a skills shortage evident both here and in Ireland.

A recent report estimated that that 27,000 British construction projects will suffer from a lack of suitably skilled and qualified workers over the next five years.

The construction industry generates almost £90 billion annually (6.7 per cent of GDP) and employs in excess of 2.93 million people, the equivalent of about 10 per cent of UK employment (BIS).

With many construction workers retiring (22 per cent of the workforce are over 50 and 15 per cent in their 60s), the industry is struggling to recruit young people for a fifth of jobs, and construction is not appealing to young people, with 14-19 year-olds rating it as only 4.2 out of 10 for a future career prospect.


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